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How TMS Therapy Treats Depression...

TMS Therapy A-to-Z: What to expect in your treatment, the NeuroStar equipment and your treatment process in detail, how magnetic brain stimulation affects depression, and expected outcomes based on FDA clinical trials.

Quick 2-Minute Guide to TMS Therapy using everyday terms explaining how and why TMS produces results, and whether your psychiatrist may recommend it as an alternative (or complement) to antidepressant medications.

Why we offer NeuroStar TMS Therapy for the deepest possible magnetic primary stimulation and natural biochemical secondary brain stimulation to deliver optimum treatment conditions, and best feasible results.

Our psychiatrists and treatment providers know that small differences in treatment become big differences in outcome. We provide NeuroStar for best coil placement, continuous contact, proper pulse targeting, and, yes, your comfort.

Fight Depression with TMS: Read, Print or Download the 2-Page .pdf Guide...